Artlift is due to continue in September with visual artist Sue Collins, so this time round participants can get the opportunity to work visually. Artlift have just launched a new website with information about the project, the six residencies and how to get involved. Sue will be doing a drop in taster session on Thursday 9th August between 14:30 – 16:30 and starting art sessions at Rosebank on 4th September 13:30 – 15:30 which will run through the autumn term. Sessions will be relaxed and fun and about exploring your own creativity; may involve painting, printmaking, collage and more so come along and have a go!

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Following a successful collaboration between ArtLift Words Artist Sue Mayfield and Rosebank Health, we were delighted to be presented with a beautifully put together book of the work that patients had produced from working with Sue over the past couple of years. This was together with 2 framed pictures also incorporating patients’ work. We held a small presentation ceremony at the Rosebank surgery when patients, staff and our new visual artist, Sue Collins met over cake and juice to admire the art.