Covid Vaccination Update – 10th March

Rosebank Health has now given over 8,000 first Covid vaccinations, which is nearly 20% of our entire registered patient list; we have also started giving second doses.

Last week we made great progress in the hub with our partner practices, and we vaccinated over 2,500 patients on Friday and Saturday.

This week we will be holding clinics again at Rosebank Surgery on Friday and Saturday. These clinics must prioritise patients from Priority Group 6 (adults aged 16-64 with underlying health conditions) however we hope that towards the end of the week we will be able to invite patients from cohort 7 (60-64 year olds).

We understand that the Covid-19 vaccination programme invitation system is causing some confusion, and thought it may be helpful to clarify how this is working:

There are currently two different invitations being sent to eligible patients – if you have not yet been vaccinated you will receive both invites. There may be a gap of up to two weeks between the two invitations. It is likely patients aged 55-59 years old will receive national invite letters this week. The national invitation system invites patients to book at a Mass Vaccination site or some pharmacy locations. Gloucester does not have a Mass Vaccination Site, the closest mass vaccination sites are Worcester, Malvern and Bristol – you have the option to travel to these sites and have your vaccination if you wish. However, if you want to have you vaccination locally you can! You will receive an invite from Rosebank Health via text message, phone call or letter, offering you an appointment to attend our local vaccination site at Rosebank Surgery. This site is staffed by staff from local NHS GP surgeries.

Based on our current vaccine supply we are expecting to have invited everyone aged 50+ by the first week in April.

So, please wait for the text message or phone call, we will be inviting you very soon!