COVID Vaccination Update – 31st march 2021

The Rosebank Vaccination Hub has now given over 33500 vaccinations. This means over 80% of all patients in cohorts 1-9 have now had their first vaccination to protect them against Covid 19.

Rosebank Health has given over 14000 first dose vaccinations to our patients and over 2000 patients have now had their second vaccination.

All patients over the age of 50 and at risk have been invited to book in for their first vaccine. Please contact the surgery if you fall into either of these categories and have not yet had your first vaccine.

Over the next few weeks, we will mainly be focusing on second dose clinics as the government and JCVI have not yet announced we can move down to cohorts 10-12 (under 50s).

For second dose clinics; patients will be called at roughly 10 weeks for an appointment at 11 weeks after their first vaccine. Please keep an eye out for a text message invite or a phone call from the surgery.

Thank you to all our staff and amazing volunteers! We couldn’t do it without you!