Merger of Rosebank Health and Bartongate Surgery

All patients have now been sent a letter explaining that a merger between Rosebank Health and Bartongate Surgery will be taking place. The decision to merge has been taken after a number of months of discussion between the two practices during which time the benefits of a merger to both practices have become clear.

We feel that a merger will bring a number of benefits, including a wider range of skills and expertise in the practice, an increased number of services and a greater choice of appointments and clinics.

Question : What will the new Partnership be called?

Answer :  It will be called Rosebank Health.

Question : What will the change mean for me?

Answer : We hope that by working together we will be able to provide a wider range of services for patients. At present, we are still working on how we will be operating clinically – details of this will be released next year.

Question : Will I still be able to see my usual GP or nurse ?

Answer : Yes – The Practice is retaining all its current clinical staff, including GP Partners, Salaried GPs and the nursing team.  GPs and nursing staff will continue to see/ contact patients as they are currently. You will be able to access services in the same way as you do now.

Question : Can I access an appointment at any surgery now?

Answer :  Not at the moment- patients will need to continue to contact their normal surgery and book appointments in the same way they did prior to the merger. We are still working on our systems to allow booking for all patients across all sites, details of this will be released in the New Year.

Question : Will Practice boundaries change?

Answer : There are slight differences in the boundaries , this will be extended to include the current boundary for Bartongate from 2nd November .  Any changes will not affect patients currently registered but will merely be for future reference when registering new patients.

Question : Do I need to do anything as a patient to remain on the list ?

Answer : No – patients will be automatically transferred onto the new practice list.

Question : What if I have moved from one Practice to the other already?

Answer : If, for some reason, you chose to change Practices in the past there is no reason why you cannot continue as a patient with the new Partnership.  If, however, you are uncomfortable with receiving your care from the Practice you left, then you are of course free to consider registering elsewhere.

Question : What if I do not wish to remain registered with the new Partnership?

Answer : Firstly, if you have any particular concerns that could be answered without the need for you to change, do speak to us first.  If you still feel that for some reason you do not wish to be a patient at the new partnership, you can register with any other local surgery as long as you are within their catchment area.

Question : Will the telephone numbers change ?

Answer :  At present, we are still working on our clinical operations systems and anticipate that we can release any change in these details early next year.  You can still access services in the same way as you do now.

Question – Will you have to lose any administration staff?

Answer : No – we are all very busy practices and we anticipate expanding services for patients so we will need all our much valued staff.

Question :  Will this affect my referrals to hospital ?

Answer : No – Any patient who is currently undergoing investigations or treatment at a hospital will be unaffected by these changes; similarly for patients when the Practices have merged.

Question :  Will the clinical computer system remain the same ?

Answer : Yes – All four practices currently operate the same computer system -SystmOne.

Question : What if I have any comments or further questions about the Merger?

Answer : Please would you write or email the practice manager Susie Graham, Rosebank Health, Kingsway Health Centre, Rudloe Drive, Gloucester, GL2 2FY

Both practices would like to reinforce their enthusiasm for this exciting change.

We know that it will be mutually beneficial to Practice Teams and Patients alike as it is a great opportunity for members of our practice teams to share, learn and develop their skills and we are confident you will benefit from the additional support,