Please be patient during time of high demand

We are have been for some time and are still currently experiencing very high call volumes and requests for appointments, whilst at the same time we have staff who are sick, in hospital, isolating and working from home due to childcare issues as many schools are asking children to isolate.

Unfortunately this does mean it may take longer than we would like to answer the phones and you may find you have to wait to speak to one of our receptionists.

It also means we have fewer clinicians and nurses available. This has disappointingly led to longer wait times for routine appointments for our patients, who we understand are already frustrated and may have struggled over the past year.

On Monday alone this week we had over 600 requests for a GP appointment via phone and eEconsult. Our urgent care team are dealing with over 250 patients each day and trying their best to deal with any urgent and acute problems as quickly as possible!

Demand outstrips what we can currently supply by over 30 percent. However, if you have any worrying symptoms we still want to hear from you and we will do our best to ensure you are spoken to or seen by a clinician as soon as possible.

Please bear with us during this difficult time as we are all working flat out trying our hardest to meet this increased demand and whilst we understand your frustration and expectation we cannot tolerate abuse of our staff.

Please be patient and kind to our staff. Covid is still affecting us all!